Use Widgets to Build Advanced eLearning Interactions in Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

You don't need to know programming or have an IT degree to build exceptional, engaging, interactive courses.

Any elearning developer or learning experience designer can use our elearning widgets to build advanced learning courses in Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. You can scroll down to see all elearning widgets or check some ideas of what you can do below:

Send email from Storyline or Captivate

Send out email messages from your course

Leaderboard to make learning fun

Create a leaderboard to make learning fun

Custom progress bar for elearning

Display chapter progress with a custom progress bar

Countdown timer in games and quizzes

Add a countdown timer to learning games and quizzes

Record submitted answers

Record answers submitted in the course

Update information after deployment

Update information after the course is deployed

Draw charts based on variables

Draw charts based on variables entered by the learner

Play content in full-screen

Play important content in full-screen mode

Custom Modern Player for Storyline

Customize Modern Player colors for Storyline

Show content based on learner’s location

Show different content based on the learner's location

Export quiz answers to PDF

Export quiz answers to a PDF file

Track elearning slide visits

Track how many times each slide is visited

High score table to foster competition

Provide a high score table to entice competition

Track time spent in the course

Track how much time someone spends in the course

Visual representations for numeric variables

Create visual presentation for numeric variables

Custom course completion progress indicator

Create custom course completion progress indicator

Replace slide text without republishing

Replace text on the slide without republishing

See where learners come from

See where in the world your learners are coming from

Download PDF files

Generate and download PDF files in the course

eLearning Widgets
For Cutting-Edge Courses

This widget allows you to save the learning data outside the LMS, view complete records in the Stencil portal, and retrieve the data back to the course if needed. You decide what kind of information to save and when to do it.

Saving elearning data to the cloud

The email messaging widget gives you an ability to send email messages from within the course. You determine the content of the message, who the recipient is, and when the message is sent out.

Sending email communication from the course

This widget allows the learner to download a PDF document that can include learner's answers, course data, variables, and other information generated in the course or provided by the learning experience designer.

Export elearning variables to PDF

This widget saves learners' records in the database and displays them as a sorted table (such as a leaderboard, high scores, list of achievements, etc.).

Leaderboard / High Scores in eLearning

This widget returns the location of the learner. The data provided by the widget includes city, region or state, country, and zip or postal code.

Learner's Location in eLearning

This widget allows adding a timer to a learning course. You can start, stop, and reset the timer directly in the learning module as needed.

Timed interaction in eLearning

This widget stores text data in the database allowing to replace text labels in the learning modules without the need to edit and re-publish the modules.

Dynamic Text Labels in eLearning

This widget saves the records from all learners into a single list (i.e. leaderboard) and outputs it into variables that can be used in the learning module.

Custom List in eLearning

This widget takes numeric variables that you assign in the learning module and displays them in a chart of your design.

Pie Chart
3D Pie Chart
Donut Chart
Horizontal Bar Chart
Vertical Bar Chart
Line Graph

This widget takes numeric variables that you assign in the learning module and displays them in a cluster of charts of your design.

Columns Chart
Stacked Columns
Horizontal Bar Chart
Stacked Horizontal Bars
Line Graph with Sharp Angles
Line Graph with Smooth Angles
Dashed Line Graph
Layered Area Chart

This widget allows creating a custom progress bar for your elearning course. The progress bar can be placed anywhere in the project and can be controlled directly from the module.

Custom Progress Bar in eLearning Course

This widget allows you to display the learning content in the full-screen mode, enter the full-screen mode as needed, and switch between the regular display and full-screen mode throughout the course.

Full Screen Mode in eLearning Course

This widget allows customizing the Modern Player colors in Storyline 360. You will start with the base Storyline colors and make changes to the theme where needed.

Storyline 360 Custom Colors for Modern Player

This option is for those times when you have a great idea, but not the technology to implement it. Our team will build a unique widget just for you to ensure that your great idea gets to see the world.