Geolocation eLearning Widget

This widget returns the location of the learner.

The data provided by the widget includes city, region or state, country, and zip or postal code. The widget will save the location data in the variables within the module, enabling you to not only display this data on the slides but also make changes to the presentation on the fly based on the location data.

eLearning Widgets for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate


Free to use up to 30 times per month, paid plans start from $6.95/month.

What can you do with the geolocation widget?

Use it when you need to show or hide certain training content based on the learner's location

idea 1

Make the module learner-friendly by changing the language based on the location

idea 2

Customize the learning experience with the location data

idea 3

Provide more relevant scenarios and examples based on locations

idea 4

Use when compliance requirements vary among training locations

idea 5

Track where the learners who access the course come from

idea 6

Supported authoring tools

Articulate Storyline

Adobe Captivate