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Creating a Chatbot

Dive into the practical steps of creating an AI-powered chatbot in Articulate Storyline. This tutorial offers a hands-on lesson on integrating AI functionality into your course. You will learn how to use triggers in Storyline to set up a conversational flow, integrate user prompts, and set up a chatbot interaction in Storyline. By following the steps in the tutorial, you'll have a fully functional AI chatbot that can enhance your elearning module.

Chatbots in elearning

Building a Leaderboard/Scoreboard

Start building gamified learning experiences with this tutorial on building leaderboards/scoreboards within Articulate Storyline. This tutorial provides a walkthrough on designing, integrating, and managing dynamic leaderboards to foster healthy competition and boost learner engagement. From setting up scoring systems to displaying participant rankings, you will acquire the skills to seamlessly incorporate these interactive elements into you courses, elevating the learning experience and motivating users to strive for excellence.

Leaderboard in Articulate Storyline

Recording Variables, Entries, Quiz Answers

Learn to capture and store user inputs (such as variables, text entries, quiz responses, reflections, notes, etc.) with this tutorial for Articulate Storyline. This tutorial offers a clear roadmap on how to set up mechanisms for collecting user data that you can use to record anything from simple text entries to complex quiz submissions. You will learn to ensure that any interaction you build is accurately tracked and can be reviewed for feedback or assessment purposes. Having access to these data will make you adept at creating more personalized and data-driven elearning experiences.

Saving user entries and responses

Saving Variables and Interactions to Google Sheets

Explore how you can seamlessly integrate Articulate Storyline with Google Sheets. This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up triggers to transmit variables, user interactions, and quiz answers directly from Storyline courses to Google Sheets. The tutorial covers setting up the connection to Google Sheets and real-time data syncing, ensuring that every learner's response is instantly and accurately reflected in a centralized Google Sheet repository. You'll be equipped to harness the power of cloud-based data storage in elearning, making analysis and reporting a breeze.

Saving Articulate Storyline variables to Google Sheets

Authenticating a User by Email Saved in Google Sheets

There are instances when you may need to read user's information from Google Sheets and act on this information in the course. So what do you do when you have data on many users in a spreadsheet, and you only need to access data for a specific user. This tutorial demonstrates how, using a list of user emails in Google Sheets, you can authenticate the current user, then pull other information about this user from the same Google Sheets document.

Saving Articulate Storyline variables to Google Sheets

Generating PDFs with Text from Variables

Learn how to use variables in Articulate Storyline to create personalized PDF documents like certificates or downloadable files containing learners' responses. This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up variables, integrating them with your course content, configuring triggers to generate PDFs based on user interactions and achievements, and offering customized downloadable content.

Downloadable PDFs with variables

Using AI to Write eLearning Storyboards

Explore collaborating with AI when writing storyboards for your courses. These videos will walk you through leveraging AI tools to generate comprehensive storyboards, helping you streamline content creation and enhance storytelling in your courses. You'll learn practical techniques for utilizing AI to produce well-structured, engaging storyboards that resonate with learners.

Use AI to write elearning storyaboards

Sending out Emails with Storyline Triggers

Learn to automate communications and send out emails to users, their managers, course administrators, or anyone else by using triggers in Articulate Storyline. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and configuring email triggers based on specific user actions or course milestones. From drafting the email content with variables to defining the conditions for dispatch, you will gain a thorough understanding of how to utilize Storyline's capabilities to initiate timely and relevant email communications. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be adept at enhancing user engagement and feedback loops through automated email interactions.

Send email with Articulate Storyline triggers

Designing a Modern Mobile Interface

Use this .story template for Articulate Storyline to start crafting engaging user interfaces similar to modern social media apps (in this case - TikTok). This template provides all triggers and JavaScript code you need to build features like swipe-up and swipe-down navigation, seamles ❤️ buttons, and functional comment sections on each slide. You can use this template to start your own project. The clear explanations of the purposes of all triggers will make it easy for you to create dynamic and user-friendly features that will make your course as fun as browsing TikTok.

TikTok UI in Articulate Storyline

Creating a Countdown Timer

Master the art of time-bound interactions with this tutorial on creating a countdown (or countup) timer in Articulate Storyline. This hands-on guide will introduce you to the steps and techniques required to embed a functional timer within your elearning modules. From setting the timer duration to managing it with triggers, you will be equipped to incorporate timers that enhance urgency, challenge, and engagement in their elearning scenarios.

Set up a timer with Articulate Storyline triggers

Drawing Charts from Variables

Unlock the potential of data visualization in elearning with this tutorial on drawing charts from variables in Articulate Storyline. This tutorial will guide you through the intricacies of transforming raw data and variables into visually appealing and informative charts. From setting up variables to selecting the appropriate chart type, you will be equipped with the skills to convey complex data in a digestible format. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be adept at enhancing your elearning modules with dynamic, data-driven chart visualizations that cater to diverse learning needs.

Drawing chart from Articulate Storyline variables

Customizing the Modern Player

This guide offers a training on customizing the features of the Modern Player that are not available by default and cannot be customized in Storyline settings. The tutorial will empowere you to tailor the player appearance and functionality to align with the course objectives and branding.

Customizing the player in Articulate Storyline

Creating a Custom Progress Bar

This tutorial will walk you through the nuances of designing and integrating a personalized progress indicator tailored to the course aesthetics and functionality needs in Articulate Storyline. From defining the progression metrics to customizing the visual elements, you will gain a holistic understanding of how to keep users informed of their course journey. By the tutorial's end, you will possess the expertise to implement intuitive and visually appealing progress bars that enhance user experience and motivation.

Create custom progress bars in Articulate Storyline