Use Widgets to Build Advanced eLearning Interactions in Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

Scroll down to see all elearning widgets or check some ideas of what you can do below:

AI Chatbot

A chatbot that allows the learner to type questions and receive answers generated by AI. Supports questions from Articulate Storyline, online chat, email, or text message.
eLearning Chatbot for Articulate Storyline

Google Sheets

This widget allows to export data from a learning course into Google Sheets. You can also import data from Sheets into a learning course.
Connect Google Sheets with Storyline and Captivate

Data Cloud

This widget provides a non-LMS option to save data entered by the learner or generated in the learning course to a database in the cloud.
Save variables to the cloud in Storyline and Captivate

Email Messaging

With the email messaging enabled directly in the course, you have a new way to communicate with the learner as well as your team.
Send email in Storyline and Captivate

PDF Maker and Google Docs

This widget allows to export answers, variables, course data, and other content to a PDF file that the learner can download directly in the course.
CUstom PDF and Google Docs in Storyline and Captivate


This widget allows adding a chat-like dialog to your elearning course.
Dialog chat in Storyline and Captivate

Leaderboard/High Scores

This widget saves learners' records in the database and displays them as a sorted table (such as a leaderboard, high scores, list of achievements, etc.).
Leaderboard and High Scores for gamification in Storyline and Captivate


This widget returns the location of the learner.
Geolocation in Storyline and Captivate


This widget allows adding a timer to a learning course.
Timer in Storyline and Captivate

Dynamic Text Labels

This widget stores text data in the database allowing to replace text labels in the learning modules remotely without re-publishing the modules.
Changeable dynamic text in Storyline and Captivate

Custom List

This widget saves the records from all learners into a single list (i.e. leaderboard) and outputs it into variables that can be used in the learning module.
Custom high scores in Storyline and Captivate

Charts and Graphs

This widget takes numeric variables that you assign in the learning module and displays them in a chart of your design.
Charts and graphs in Storyline and Captivate

Comparison Charts

This widget takes numeric variables from a learning module and displays them in a cluster of charts of your design.
Comparison charts in Storyline and Captivate

Progress Bar

This widget allows creating a custom progress bar for your elearning course.
Custom progress bar in Storyline and Captivate

Full Screen Mode

This widget allows you to display the learning content in the full-screen mode.
Go full screen in Storyline and Captivate

Custom Modern Player for Storyline 360

This widget allows customizing the Modern Player colors in Storyline 360.
Custom colors for modern player in Storyline

Premium Custom Widgets

This option is for those times when you have a great idea, but not the technology to implement it. Our team will build a unique widget just for you to ensure that your great idea gets to see the world.
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