Email Messaging eLearning Widget

for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

With the email messaging enabled directly in the course, you have a new way to communicate with the learner as well as your team.

Send out email messages whenever appropriate by simply using triggers in Articulate Storyline or actions in Adobe Captivate. You can send emails at any point in the course and without requiring the learner to perform any particular action to initiate the email. You can also use variables and input from the learners to generate the content for the email message.

eLearning Widgets for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate


Free to send up to 10 emails per month, paid plans start from $6.95/month.

Email Messaging FAQs

How can I offer learners the option to receive additional training resources by email?
Use the Email Messaging elearning Widget to set up automated emails that send additional training resources to learners at specified points in the course. This ensures that learners have the opportunity to access supplemental materials whenever they need them, enhancing their learning experience.
How can I notify managers when their staff make certain selections or provide certain responses in the course?
The Email Widget allows you to configure triggers that automatically send email notifications to managers when their team members make specific selections or submit particular responses in the course. This feature aids in monitoring and supporting staff progress effectively.
What is the best way to let a team member know an employee has completed a course?
Implement the Email Messaging elearning widget to automatically send completion notifications to designated team members or managers when an employee finishes a course. This can be set up to trigger upon course completion, ensuring timely communication.
How can learners email their responses and commitments typed during the course?
Learners can use the Email Widget to easily send their responses and commitments made during the course directly from the learning platform. This function can be activated by the learner or set to occur automatically based on their interactions.
Can I email certificates of completion directly to learners?
Yes, the Email Messaging elearning Widget can be configured to automatically generate and send certificates of completion via email once a learner meets the course requirements. This provides learners with immediate documentation of their achievements.
How can I use email as verification that training was completed?
Emails sent through the Email Widget can serve as official verification of training completion. You can set the widget to automatically email a confirmation to learners and relevant parties once the course is completed, serving as proof of compliance and engagement.