Gamification Tools for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

Free tools for building gamified learning experiences.

Leaderboard Scoreboard


The Leaderboard/Scoreboard widget displays the learners' achievements encouraging a sense of competition among learners as well as encouraging them to do their best.

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AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

The AI Chatbot widget allows learners to interact with a fictional character, ask questions, and receive instant answers, providing an interactive and engaging learning experience.

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The Timer widget can be used to add a sense of urgency or challenge to learning activities, making them more engaging and stimulating for learners.

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PDF certificates

PDF Certificates

The PDF Maker widget can be used to generate personalized certificates in PDF format, providing learners with a tangible recognition of their accomplishments in the course.

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Progress Bar

Progress Bar

The Progress Bar widget visually represents the learner's progress through the activity, providing a clear indication of how much they have achieved and what still needs to be completed.

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Email Messaging

Email Messaging

The Email Messaging widget can be used to send personalized messages to learners, providing them with feedback, updates, or additional resources, enhancing their learning experience.

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