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AI Chatbot

This handy widget offers question answering and chat capabilities via a flexible chatbot.

Your users can ask questions and get answers on any topic of your choosing. Getting started with an AI Chatbot is a breeze and you have three easy options to choose from:

  • Provide the text the chatbot will use to find answers

  • or
  • Provide examples of questions and answers

  • or
  • Create a ChatGPT prompt and let the chatbot do the rest

Your users can reach the chatbot by:

  • Online chat

  • or
  • Email

  • or
  • Text messaging

  • or
  • Articulate Storyline

Demo #1 - a chatbot acting as a patient

Demo #2 - a chatbot impersonating Benjamin Franklin

Demo #3 - a ChatGPT-based agent acting as a patient

Demo #4 - a chatbot as an Articulate Storyline character

Demo #5 - a standalone web page

Demo #6 - a chat interaction on a Storyline slide

eLearning Chatbot for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

Chatbots in elearning are fantastic tools that make learning more personal, easy, and engaging. They're available 24/7 to support learners by answering questions and giving out information, making learning possible at any time that suits your users. Chatbots can be pretty smart, too! They can change their approach based on users' responses, which means they tailor the communication to fit the unique learning needs and styles. Plus, they make learning more interactive by offering conversations, acting as real or imaginary characters, facilitating quizzes and games, and providing immediate feedback, which really helps to keep learners motivated and engaged.

Templates for Articulate Storyline

If you will be using the chatbot in Articulate Storyline, you can download of the customizable .story templates that make it easy to integrate the chatbot agent into your course. Examples of available chatbot templates include medical office setting, dental office, call center, retail store, and more.

chatbot template example for articulate storyline


Free to process up to 100,000 text characters per month, paid plans start from $6.95/month.

Why should you use chatbots in elearning?

You can significantly enhance the eLearning experience with the use of chatbots, making it more interactive, personalized, and efficient. By employing chatbots, you can provide instantaneous responses to queries, offer detailed explanations, and guide learners through complex topics at their own pace. In essence, by fostering a more engaging and responsive learning environment with chatbots, you can significantly improve the eLearning landscape, making it more accessible and adaptable to each learner's unique needs.

What can you do with the Chatbot widget?

Add an assistant that can offer help with the learning content

idea 1

Use a chatbot as a standalone feature or interaction

idea 2

Provide additional learning content and resources through chat

idea 3

Use a dialog to offer more ways to connect with the learners

idea 4

Offer ways to receive support on the go by email or text messaging

idea 5

Make learning more engaging with this custom interaction

idea 6

Supported integrations

Articulate Storyline

Standalone web page


Text messaging