AI Chatbot

This widget allows communicating with the users via a chatbot in an online chat, by email, and by text messaging.

A chatbot allows users to ask questions and receive answers on the subject. When a user asks a question, the chatbot finds the best suitable answer from the selection you provide and responds to the learner. You can integrate the chatbot in an Articulate Storyline course or display it as a standalone web page. Additionally, questions can be asked by email or text message.

Demo #1 - chatbot as an Articulate Storyline character

Demo #2 - standalone web page

Demo #3 - chat interaction on a Storyline slide

eLearning Widgets for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate


Free to process up to 100,000 text characters per month, paid plans start from $6.95/month.

Ideas for using the Chatbot widget in elearning

Add an assistant that can offer help with the learning content

idea 1

Use a chatbot as a standalone feature or interaction

idea 2

Provide additional learning content and resources through chat

idea 3

Use a dialog to offer more ways to connect with the learners

idea 4

Offer ways to receive support on the go by email or text messaging

idea 5

Make learning more engaging with this custom interaction

idea 6

Supported integrations

Articulate Storyline

Standalone web page


Text messaging