Customizable AI Chatbots

Just add your knowledge base and use these AI chatbots in online courses, user-facing web pages, support portals, etc.

Medical Office

Doctor and Patient realistic

Empower your courses with this doctor-patient chatbot template, designed to help you simulate realistic healthcare scenarios and improve patient interaction skills for your users. Ideal for training medical students, upskilling medical personnel, or enhancing customer service in healthcare settings.

doctor-patient chatbot template

Medical Office

Doctor and Colleague / Doctor and Patientillustrated

This chatbot template features a doctor with another person (e.g., a patient, another doctor, a nurse, etc.) to enable building training modules on flexible topics such as effective communication, diagnostic skills, disease knowledge, etc. The template is perfect for medical education, professional development, and patient support training.

chatbot template of a doctor with another person

Office / Business Setting

Office Staff, Two People realistic

This office setting chatbot template allows you to develop interactive courses that hone various skills such as professional communication, interviewing, problem-solving, etc., making it an essential tool for corporate training, team-building exercises, and administrative staff development.

office setting chatbot template

Office / Business Setting

Two Office Staff illustrated

Incorporate this office setting chatbot template into your development toolkit to create simulations for enhancing a variety of skills, such as business etiquette, project management abilities, interdepartmental coordination, etc. The template is ideal for preparing your users for the challenges of the modern workplace.

illustrated office setting chatbot template


Two Workers / Supervisor and Employee illustrated

Leverage this warehouse setting chatbot template to construct immersive training experiences that teach inventory management, safety protocols, and efficient logistics practices, tailored for warehouse workers and supply chain personnel.

warehouse setting chatbot template

Construction Site

Two Workers / Employee and Project Manager realistic

This construction site chatbot template enables you to create realistic training scenarios that cover safety compliance, project management, and effective communication on the job, ideal for equipping construction workers and site managers with the skills needed for a safe and productive work environment.

construction training scenarios chatbot

Retail Store

Customer and an Employee realistic

This retail store chatbot template offers a platform for developing interactive training for retail staff. For example, customer service, sales techniques, and inventory management skills. The chatbot is an invaluable tool for retail trainers aiming to develop their staff to excel in a fast-paced retail environment.

interactive chatbot for retail staff

Retail Store

Customer and Employee illustrated

With this retail store chatbot template, you can craft simulations that immerse your learners in the nuances of retail operations, from handling customer inquiries to managing point-of-sale systems, ideal for preparing staff to thrive in the dynamic world of retail.

simulation of retail operations

Dental Office

Dentist with Patient / Hygienist with Patient realistic

This dental office chatbot template enables you to create engaging training experiences focused on improving patient care, office management, and teamwork within a dental practice, perfect for dental assistants, receptionists, and new dentists looking to refine their professional skills.

dental office chatbot template

Call Center

Call Center Employee realistic

Utilize this call center chatbot template to develop training modules that enhance customer service skills, call handling efficiency, and problem-solving abilities, preparing agents to excel in high-pressure communication environments.

call center chatbot template

Call Center

Call Center Employee illustrated

This call center chatbot template allows you to simulate real-life caller interactions, providing a dynamic platform for agents to practice and improve their telephone etiquette, complaint resolution, and sales techniques, crucial for success in customer support roles.

chatbot template to simulate caller interactions


Waiter and Diners realistic

Leverage this restaurant chatbot template to create realistic simulations that cover everything from kitchen coordination and food safety to front-of-house management, equipping your team with the comprehensive skills needed to thrive in the culinary industry.

restaurant chatbot simulation

School or College

Professor and Student / Teacher and Parent illustrated

Deploy this school or college chatbot template to create scenarios that help educators practice communication with students, curriculum planning, and handling administrative tasks, providing a versatile tool for professional development in the academic sector.

school or college chatbot template


Gym Teacher and Student / Coach and Playerrealistic

This gym setting chatbot template offers a unique platform for creating interactive training modules that teach gym staff about fitness consultation, exercise instruction, and nutrition, ensuring a high-quality experience for all gym-goers.

interactive training chatbot for gym staff


Trainer with Client / Two Fitness Professionalsrealistic

Utilize this gym setting chatbot template to simulate real-life interactions in a fitness environment, from guiding clients on workout routines to managing gym operations, ideal for personal trainers and gym staff looking to enhance their service and operational skills.

chatbot template to simulate real-life interactions

Blank Template

no theme includes all Storyline triggers

Use this starter file when you want to start with a blank project and design the slide from scratch. The template includes all instructions and triggers to enable the AI chatbot in your project.

blank chatbot template for custom layout