Dynamic Text Labels eLearning Widget

This widget stores text data in the database allowing to replace text labels in the learning modules remotely without having physicall access to the files and without the need to edit and re-publish the modules.

Instead of placing the text in the learning module, you will place the variable references, and link these variables to the widget. When you need to change text, you will simply change it online, and this will update the text in all modules you have already published and shared with the learners.

eLearning Widgets for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate


Free to use up to 1,000 times per month, paid plans start from $6.95/month.

Ideas for using Dynamic Text Labels in elearning

Update text and data in the learning courses remotely as needed

idea 1

Update data that has expired without having to re-publish and re-distribute the files

idea 2

Use to provide statistical data that will change over time

idea 3

Use when you won't have access to the published files at a later time

idea 4

Make changes without having to re-distribute the published files

idea 5

Use for information that can frequently change (such as dates or names, for example)

idea 6

Supported authoring tools

Articulate Storyline

Adobe Captivate