Answer Questions with an AI Chatbot

Automate knowledge sharing and provide multiple ways for your users to get the answers they need. Users can ask questions in an online chat via a chatbot, by email, or by text message. The AI engine processes the request and finds the best suitable answer. This process is completely automated and requires no human input once set up.

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AI Answering Agent Online Email Text

AI Writing Assistance

Simplify your writing and storyboarding process with an AI writing assistant who can help with tasks like writing recaps of training content and writing quizzes based on the content you provide. It's also possible to build custom AI models that can complete other tasks you face when processing the learning content.

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Text-to-Speech Service

Generate high-quality audio from the text you provide. You only need to select the language and the voice, AI does the rest of the work.

Text to Speech Narrations

Closed Captioning Service

Get closed captions .srt files instantly and use them in your learning projects. You can upload the audio files for captioning or generate the audio online using one of the available text-to-speech models.

STR file generation for elearning
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