Free eLearning Course Analytics

User Flow Analytics for Articulate Storyline elearning courses (coming soon for Rise and Adobe Captivate as well!) allows you to get insight into every step of the learner’s journey in your course, including:

  • What geographic locations the learners are coming from
  • How long they stay on each slide
  • How many times they visit each slide
  • At what points the learners exit the course
  • What elements and buttons they click on the slides
  • What devices and browsers they use, and more!

Get Comprehensive Usage Statistics

Understand your elearning course users better by monitoring the performance of your instructional content, slides, and interactions.

Use With or Without an LMS

User Flow Analytics works independently of any LMS software, so you can use it even without a learning management system.

Connect Insights to Learning Outcomes

Once you get a clear picture of how the learners behave in your courses, you can use your insights to adjust your instructional content and deliver better training outcomes.

User Flow eLearning Analytics