PDF Maker

This widget allows to export answers, variables, course data, and other content to a PDF file that the learner can download directly in the course.

The learning experience designer will first design the layout of the PDF document and add placeholders for the variable values. Once the learner accesses the course, she is able to download the PDF file containing the data generated in the course.

If a template for the PDF file already exists in a Word .docx file, the widget can use it as a source for the PDF. There is also an option to use a Google Docs file as a template. Both Word file upload and Google Docs allow the designer to be in complete control of the document contents and styling.

eLearning Widgets for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate


Free to generate up to 30 PDF documents per month, paid plans start from $6.95/month.

What can you do with the PDF Maker widget?

Use it when you want the learner to walk away with a handout containing their entries

idea 1

Provide a custom PDF certificate of completion that can be downloaded directly in the course

idea 2

Use the generated document as a record that the learning took place

idea 3

Use it as an activity a learner can participate in while taking the course

idea 4

Allows learners to complete an electronic workbook they can download at the end

idea 5

Provide ways to save notes that can be downloaded and used later and offline

idea 6

Supported authoring tools

Articulate Storyline

Adobe Captivate