Data Cloud eLearning Widget

This widget provides a non-LMS option to save data entered by the learner or generated in the learning course.

You can access the learning records online as well as import data back into the course if needed. The widget supports 3 types of fields: Text, Numeric, and Boolean. You will first set up a table for your records and will then use triggers in Articulate Storyline or actions in Adobe Captivate to save the data from the course to the cloud.

eLearning Widgets for Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate


Free to process up to 100 data points per month, paid plans start from $6.95/month.

Use case example

Marla is an instructional designer building a compliance elearning course. She wants to know whether the learners click on the optional “Learn More” button on one of the slides, and how this action correlates with the final quiz scores.

Marla sets up a table with two fields:

  • “Clicked” – a Boolean field that will indicate whether the learner clicked on the button, and,
  • “Score” – a numeric field that will store the learner’s final score.

She then adds a trigger in Storyline to set the value of “Clicked” to True whenever the button is clicked. She also adds a trigger to set the value of “Score” to the number of points the learner scored in the quiz.

Marla deploys her course and, as learners complete it, she keeps an eye on the records populating in the data table to find out whether clicking the button results in higher quiz scores.

What can you do with the Data Cloud widget?

Save the learner’s score without using a learning management system

idea 1

Keep track of learner’s progress in the course

idea 2

Save the responses a learner provides in knowledge checks

idea 3

Store a list of learner’s actions taken within the course

idea 4

Monitor how the course is being utilized by the learners

idea 5

Keep track of custom variables

idea 6

Supported authoring tools

Articulate Storyline

Adobe Captivate